Solar Eclipse 2017 Workshop I Resources

Workshop Powerpoints

  1. Powerpoint 1: An overview of events related to the Solar Eclipse in Kirksville, and of safe ways of observing the eclipse.
  2. Powerpoint 2: History of Solar eclipses and the geometry of the Sun-Earth-Moon System.

Workshop Handouts

  1. How to safely view the 2017 Solar Eclipse (AAS)
  2. Pinhole Projection in a Box (NSTA)
  3. All-American Total Solar Eclipse (NSTA)
  4. Getting Ready for the All American Eclipse! (ASP)
  5. How to build a Sun-Funnel (AAS)

Useful Links

  1. NASA Eclipse 2017 page
  2. AAS Eclipse 2017 page
  3. Night Sky Network
  4. AAPT Eclipse 2017 page: Research-Based Teaching Resources
  5. NASA-JPL Museum Alliance page
  6. page
  7. The Great American Eclipse page
  8. Tyler Nordgren’s eclipse page