The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017: Kirksville, Mo


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Event Date Time (CST) Alt Azi
Start of partial eclipse 8/21/2017 11:44:53 AM 55.6° 139.2°
Maximum eclipse 8/21/2017 1:11:57 PM 61.7° 179.2°
End of partial eclipse 8/21/2017 2:37:52 PM 56.1° 219.2°

The total solar eclipse occurring on the 21st of August 2017 promises to be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage students, faculty, and the general public in topics related to astronomy and science. The eclipse path cuts diagonally across Missouri, and Kirksville will witness 98% obscuration of the Sun by our Moon. August 21st 2017 happens to be the first day of classes at Truman State University for the academic year.

We are planning a series of activities and events leading up to the eclipse on August 21st 2017, on the day of the eclipse itself, and we plan on follow-up events that will include school and college students, faculty & staff, and members of the broader Kirksville community (see below). To this end, we plan on collaborating with the Kirksville public schools, the Kirksville STEAM alliance, and Adair County Public Library. We hope that the momentum generated by these events will help increase awareness about science and about questions such as ‘What do scientists actually do?’, ‘What questions are astronomers trying to address?’, ‘What is the nature of our Sun?’, ‘How did the Moon form?’, ‘Why do the Moon and Sun have the same (apparent) size in the sky?’, ‘How have the Sun and Moon influenced the habitability of Earth?’, and so on. We expect to have an overall indirect participation to be between five and six thousand individuals, more than half of whom will be school and college students, women students, and/or economically disadvantaged members of the public. We also hope that these activities will stimulate, encourage, and excite young minds, and make them more likely to pursue a STEM career.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Locations (21st August 2017)
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Planned Activities

  1. Solar scopes will be set up across Kirksville (the county library, grocery stores, TSU campus, farmers market, etc.) twice a month to educate students and members of the community about solar activity such as sunspots, solar flares, plages, prominences, and filaments.
  2. Students will explain the science and geometry of eclipses to members of the general public.
  3. On the day of the eclipse, several solar telescopes will be set up at various locations on or near the Truman campus, the Adair County Library, and the Kirksville R-III school district campus.
  4. In addition, solar glasses will be distributed for safe viewing of the eclipse. Sunspotters, solar binoculars, and handheld spectroscopes will be available at selected sites.
  5. The Adair County Library will establish a ‘Library-Telescope program’ using some of the solar telescopes and binoculars for patrons to check out. Appropriate user-friendly modifications will be made. Library staff will be trained in safety and operation of these instruments.

Solar Eclipse Talk

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